Welcome to Organic Concierge Association
What is an "Organic Concierge?"
An Organic Concierge is a certified individual (see below)who, based on adequate knowledge about organic food and organic production, can advise or guide consumers, companies and society regarding organic food, clothes and household issues. Like a "Concierge"at a hotel, we listen to the needs of our clients or audience and help them find the right solution as quickly, effectively and comfortably as possible.

OCA-The Organic Concierge Association
The Organic Concierge Association was established in 2004 with the purpose of spreading knowledge about organic production, products and lifestyles. It is our goal to educate and certify "organic con- cierges and thus help grow the organic market and promote organic lifestyles in Japan and beyond. Through this, we hope to help expand organic and other environmentally friendly production and thus to protect the environment and contribute to the creation of a sustainable future.

E-Learning Certification Scheme
To fulfill our mission, OCA established an e-learning based certification scheme ("Organic Concierge Communication Learning") through which individuals can learn about details and legislation concerning organic production and products, and through a strict certification scheme acquire the certification of "Organic Concierge."Through this certification scheme, OCA has educated and certified more than 100 Organic Concierges across Japan in less than two years. Through the certification process, the "Organic Concierge"learns not only to gather and analyze information on organic production and products, but he or she also becomes a promoter of organic life- and business-styles.

Personal Background for Establishing OCA
Personally (Takako Okamura), it was my experience in Australia living with local people in a virtually self-sufficient community aiming for a harmony with nature that brought me onto the path of organic products and lifestyles. There, I experienced how all five senses were sharpened, living surrounded by the sea and mountains, feeling the breeze against my face and body and the soil against my bare feet. In the daytime, the sun would provide light, and in the night, the moon would be our companion and source of light. The life I experienced there was far from luxurious, but people around me seemed deeply fulfilled and content with what they had. I was only in this community for a limited time, but this experience taught me that "Earth is alive and we are living creatures on it"– and it was this new sensation which stayed with me throughout the rest of my stay, and which has been the foundation for all my activities since then. I did not know, however, how I might express or communicate this sensation to other people. When I returned to Japan in 2003, awareness of organic food and lifestyles – and of the environment and food safety as a whole – was still quite low. I personally experienced how there was no support or guidance for people like myself who wanted to live a gentler, more natural lifestyle. This was not only about "buying organic food"– it was about knowing more about animals and plants, about the environment, and about how body and soul connect and are connected to the earth. I strongly felt that it would be wonderful if, somehow, this theme would catch on and more people would be able to fulfill their wishes of a more "organic lifestyle."Since there was no appropriate organization or system I could use, I decided to believe in myself and my experience and try to help promote and spread awareness of such a new lifestyle - and with the collaboration of several people the "Organic Concierge Association (OCA)"was established in 2004.

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